How to win at video poker and become a poker star

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Almost everyone who has entered a real casino has come across video poker slots and want to know, how to win at video poker and win big real money. Why are video poker machines so popular? Is this related to special skills, or are they so famous due to the ease of control of the game using the touch screen? Or is it all about the high payouts for winning combinations offered by video poker slots? For example, you can even get a jackpot for a Royal Flush combination!

How to win playing video poker machines

So, how to play video poker and win high winning at video poker with machines? For this the player needs to follow simple rules:

  1. Hold pairs. Since video poker is based on a five-card deal, the most important thing is to know which cards to hold. The first and foremost thing is to always hold any winning combination. Even if it is a pair of jacks or better in Jacks or Better and you have four cards to flush, the player must hold a pair to learn, how to win at video poker;
  2. It is much more profitable to take something for sure than to risk getting nothing. Also remember that if the player only holds one pair, he has a decent chance of hitting triplets or two pair, each of which is a good hand;
  3. If the player is holding a pair that is winning nothing, then he only needs to hold it if he cannot get anything better. For example, if he has four cards for a straight or flush, he should fold a non-winning pair, because the chances of it becoming a triple or part of two pairs are not so great;
  4. Other cards to hold. If the player has three cards to flush, he can take a chance and hold on to them, although his chances are not so good.

Additional rules on how to win at video poker

Before start playing video poker, the player has to set a budget and set upper and lower thresholds. This is as important as a strategy as an actual method of playing. The player needs to decide exactly how much money he wants to spend in a casino or what would be the deposit in an online casino. Then the player needs to decide how much is allowed to win before walking away with winnings. The player must also decide how much loss he can allow ending the day with. By identifying all this before the game, the player can increase his chances of winning the game.

How to win at video poker real money playing jacks or better

When talking about a straight, the player should take risks only if he can get straight with cards on both sides. If he wants a card in the middle, the odds aren’t good enough. The player only needs to risk this straight if it is a royal flush. If the player has a one-piece card during the entire game, where any pair of piece cards is winning, then he needs to keep it. If the player has more than one face card, he needs to keep two. If the player has two cards of the same suit, he should keep them. If the player doesn’t have two cards of the same suit, he can keep two cards next to each other. If the player doesn’t have any face cards, and there are no three cards of the same suit, and no three cards following each other in rank, the player should not hold any cards.

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