Video Poker Strategy: Deep Insight into the Gambling World

Video Poker Strategy for the Starters and Professionals

Video Poker is a virtual version of a popular table game played on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Besides, players can use the computerized console similar to a slot machine. This review aims to help both beginners and professional gamblers understand the basic video poker strategy and choose the best video poker games.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

Basic video poker strategy can help new players increase the winning odds. Below there are some tips for you to follow.

  • Use the special strategy chart for beginners. It is quite simple and can help new players make the decisions quickly.
  • Find your hand in the chart and follow the strategy. For example, you have the pat flush, if your hand is Qc-Jc-Tc-4c. But at the same time, you have an open-ended straight flush draw inclusive of a draw to a royal flush, as well. The strategy chart says that a royal flush draw is better than a pat flush, so discard the 4c and go for the straight flush or royal.
  • The beginner Video Poker strategy may be not accurate. If you need the best results, consult the dull expert charts.

On the whole, poker involves logical skills. Don’t become upset if you have a losing session. Even advanced gamers sometimes may lose. Do your best to analyze your odds and outs, avoid any tilts, and you will reach success.

Professional Double Bonus Video Poker Strategy

Double Bonus Poker is a Jacks or Better variation. The 4 of a kind hand is rewarded with the extra-high payouts in the game and that’s why ‘double bonus’ is added to the name. This game features a small house edge and is hugely popular with the professional gamblers as it can bring a good income. Gambling experts suggest the following rules of a successful Double Bonus Poker game.

Consult the video poker strategy charts starting from the top lines of the chart and work down. As soon as you see a hand matching up with yours, follow the recommendation. Always take into account the hierarchy of hands. Start with the Royal Flush as it has the best expected return. The example of such a combination is Th, Jh, Qh, Kh, Ah.

In general, to make great strides in video poker, you should always practice and sharpen your skills, knowledge, and abilities. Keep in mind that Poker is a game of strategy which develops the logical way of thinking.

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